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Starting Your Career in Australia

After arriving in Australia, the first challenge many migrants face is to find employment. Unfortunately, this can be one of the most complex and difficult tasks of the migration journey due to multiple factors. This is obviously different for every person, yet common challenges are lack of English, no local employment experience and often a non-existing professional network.

Through our support, we aim to assist breaking down these barriers with the ultimate goal of providing people with the opportunity of securing employment. At this point, one aspect we cannot stress enough is the need for each person to continuously work on their English language skills.

While advanced English skills do not help to secure a job, low level of English can be a preventative factor from applying successfully for any given role. Another challenge is the lack of local knowledge. When applying for a job, it often does not matter much what work and studies you have done in your country of origin because hiring managers want to see local experience. The key here is to create opportunities to demonstrate in local (Australian) settings that you can perform and add value to an organisation.

As through those experiences, you will become a much stronger candidate. Which leads to the last point of creating a professional/local network. Data demonstrated that between 70-80% of jobs are awarded without having been advertised. More specifically this means, people obtain jobs because they know someone within an organisation. Creating opportunities for you to get to know people that might help you to land employable is critical

Taking the First Steps

Key Challenges to Transition to the Australia market (first professional job)

  • Australia market job outlook
  • Market recognition of your skills
  • Industry language
  • Workplace culture awareness
  • Verbal and written communication

Career Coaching Blog

Writing Your Résumé

A résumé or C.V. (Curriculum Vitae) is an important part of any job application. It often represents the fi rst document a HR professional or recruiter looks at when receiving a job application. In a resume, you summarise your professional history which should include education, employment history and volunteer work. By presenting these pieces of information, you can demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for a particular role. Resumes are not a “set and forget’ type of document. You should keep it constantly updated and you need to adapt it for every job application, to ensure you demonstrate the potential employer that you have the right skills for the advertised role.

Click here for the full Career Identity tips for writing an effective résumé.

Contribution:Jens Boernemeyer, Career Identity (careeridentity.com.au)



Whether you are just looking for your first job or want to progress your career in Australia starting your career, take a structured approach to it. it is a long term plan with key milestones and measurement along the way.

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