Dear stall holders,

Finally, we’re back with the energy of our Festa Junina in 2023 on Saturday, the 17th of June 2023! Our Children’s Party runs from 3:00-6:00pm and the Adults Party from 6:00-11:30pm.  We’ve created this page to help you plan to attend our event as a stall holder.
The Festa Junina stall holder costs are as follows:
  • Stall Holder – Food Sales – $280 (this includes tickets for a maximum of 4 staff)
  • Stall Holder – Demonstration and non-food product sales – $150.00 (this price includes a maximum of 2 staff)
Important: There is no confirmation of a stall at the Festa Junina until the payment is made in full. You can purchase your stall by clicking on the link below. Stall holder tickets at at the bottom of the list.
What do you receive on the day?
You are entitled to a trestle table and two chairs.  Additional requirements are to be negotiated with the ABRISA Stall holder Manager.
What can I bring?
You can bring your own electrical equipment to a maximum of 10 amps.  The ABRISA Stalls manager will organize a meeting to discuss such items as electrical requirements.
Important Regulations:
  1. Electrical Equipment: You must have all your electrical equipment tested. The test must be valid until the 20th of June 2023.
  2. Food regulations: You must comply with all the food regulations. Compliance will be verified by the ABRISA Stalls Manager.
Staff Holder Forms:
  1. You must complete a form so we can fully understand your product range and also other requirements you may have.
  2. The form will be sent by our Stalls Manager who will contact you upon receipt.
  3. Your form will be considered, once you have made the payment.
Visit to the Facility
The ABRISA Stalls Manager will organise a visit to the site so you can familiarise yourself with the site and also understand the council’s expectations during the day of the event.