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Since the 1960s, Australia has become a major destination for Latin American migrants. Some had no choice but to migrate for political reasons, others for the dream of a better life or others who seized the life-changing opportunity when it presented itself. For every first generation, the migration event can be a family or solo journey. Either way, the journey is unique, sometimes with dangers or with a lot of joy to share. Over the last 29 years of looking at first-generation migration, there are some important realities about this journey:

  • Whether solo or with family, an old life is left behind and a new one begins, sometimes with “borrowed” friends, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters through community connectivity;
  • Some of us set out on the journey well equipped to face the many challenges, others less so and sometimes bleeding into isolation, loneliness and longing;
  • For others, they can change the sail’s direction and head back home. For the majority that remain, they face challenges, obstacles, can veer off course and continue our navigation through the many “ports” in our liquidation process. Each port adds to our experience of being a first generation migrant and calling Australia home;
  • However, as we navigate the beginning of our journey, the idea of ​​life as seniors in a new home is unlikely to have been part of the decision-making process.

The program addresses eight aspects:

  • Physical Health : Information and references to medical services if possible for Portuguese speaking doctors.
  • Mental Health : Information and reference to mental health support services where you can also find professionals who speak Portuguese and understand the Brazilian culture.
  • Finance : Information and references regarding retirement, government pension and what to consider for a better quality of life in retirement.
  • Access to Government Services : In addition to retirement and other benefits, the Federal and State Government has several support services for seniors. Among them, MyAged Care stands out (home support services) as well as the Housing service for those who have not been able to find their own home.
  • Wellness activities: Creation of activities for seniors within the context of Brazilian culture as well as connection with other activities where seniors can participate.
  • Legal Rights : Information and education on citizen rights, supporting bodies within government and non-governmental organizations.
  • Caregivers : Information about support services and training for caregivers. Connection to support groups.
  • Technology : Support service for seniors so that they can access technology as well as avoid the issue of isolation from relatives and families, as well as independence.

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