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What is

The vision of the Neighbourhug program is to enable migrants to be their own ethnic local Latin American communities in Melbourne. This simple web connection can make the Brazilian and Latin American community stronger as it allows for immediate connectivity within the Melbourne Local Government Areas.  The Activities consists of research information on each Council web pages, selecting key services that will ease their settlement process, make them feel welcome and encourage them to participate in local activities. Once the research is completed, the information will be translated from English into Spanish and Portuguese.  The web pages developed and hosts are volunteers selected by ABRISA to welcome the arrival and connect them to the broader community.

Why the need to

Soon after we land and settle, feelings of longing and isolation sets in. The Neighbourhug is a volunteering effort set up by ABRISA, bringing the ethnic community to initially support new arrivals with information and connectivity and therefore reducing isolation within our community.

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